As a first time learner, is your mind filled with worries and tense thoughts regarding your performance in your driving lessons? It is quite natural to have last minute jitters however, fear not! With the help of the tips and the helpful insight by Pass Faster you are sure to pass your driving test with flying colours and drive to where your dream takes you.

As a soon to be driver, the idea and temptation of being able to drive anywhere and everywhere your heart demands to is simply an exhilarating thought in itself. Achieving the title of a “good” driver certainly requires much dexterity, mastery and a flair for driving. However, to start living your dreams and escaping into the roads where your heart sets out to, a certain driver’s test is an essential hurdle you must overcome.


Having over 15 years’ experience, Pass Faster has successfully led thousands of learner drivers gain expertise in driving.

Pass Faster, one of the leading driving schools in Liverpool shares an insight to the most commonly noticed mistakes made by students and how you can avoid them entirely.

  1. Learn to implement your driver’s skills for life, not merely to pass your test- As a family run school with years of experience, the instructors at Pass Faster recommend every student to learn their aptitude for driving to accomplish the long haul that is, to drive for your life.

  2. It is essential for every student does not dwell on their mistakes for a long time - Having trained thousands with their manual or automatic lessons, the instructors at Pass Faster encourage every student to acknowledge their mistakes but not look back at them every time they drive. It is crucial to look ahead of you when driving, figuratively and metaphorically!

  3. Grasping the essentials of driving can sometimes be better accomplished with the aid of the radio playing – An unusual tip, you may think, but for some people it can help calm their nerves. Talk to your instructor and see what they think and if there are any other tips that they have to help keep you calm

  4. Learning is an on-going process - Every student is advised to keep learning even after they’ve passed their test and the best way to do this is be observant. Watch other people drive, question why they do things differently and see if they know things that you do not.

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