As a learner driver, one of the most important factors to learn is to always acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them. Therefore, even in the case of your driving lessons there are various things that you may be doing the wrong way or you must not do at all.

As a leading driving school, Pass Faster has been family run since we started over 15 years ago. We only employ driving instructors who are fully qualified and certified by the DSA (Driving Standard Agency) and provide top-rated driving lessons. The test preparation courses are comprehensive bundles of strategically chosen courses to assist every learner driver to learn not just the practical but the theory essentials as well. Every student also has the freedom to select their own instructor and vehicle to practice on.

Here are some more tips to help you pass your driving test:

  1. It is important that the student does not let the vehicle roll after coming to a stop - this is an often repeated mistake so it's something to be aware of

  2. Changing your lane without due consideration - the instructors at Pass Faster say that this is one of the commonly seen mistakes every student makes sometime or the other. Changing your lanes should not be a quick and improper course of action when required. Remember - mirror, signal, manoeuvre

  3. Breaking too hard - during your driving test, small factors like these will be something that the examiner will be looking for. Unless it's an emergency, soft, considered braking is best as it shows that you are aware of your conditions and brake carefully, in time

  4. Being too close to the car in front of you - quite a commonly seen mistake and something that can be very dangerous. You should always make that there is a minimum of a two second gap between you and the car in-front just-in-case they decided to brake suddenly. The two second gap gives you time to react and brake, without hitting the car in-front

  5. Failing to make sure your car complies with the safety laws - another common mistake is that people do not know where certain bits of the car are. For example, do you know how to lift the bonnet, where the fog light controls are, where the oil goes in the engine? Cleaning your car and its proper maintenance is crucial to ensure your safety and to ensure you car lasts as long as possible.


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