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With over 15 year's experience, we can offer you the driving lessons that you need.

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  • Testimonials1
    Happy Customer
    “Took my test yesterday feeling very nervous but... I PASSED with just 5 minors! Kevin was a great teacher! He built up my confidence from day one! It took just 24 hours of driving too!”
  • Testimonials2
    Happy Customer
    “I would like to pass on my sincere gratitude to Peter, without whom, I would not be driving today. Due to his expert tuition, I passed my driving test first time. Thank you Peter.”
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    Happy Customer
    “Just wanted to say a big thank you to Dave for helping me pass my driving test a few months ago! Could not have asked or wished for a better driving instructor, 110% recommendation!”

Driving lessons Liverpool

Learning to drive is an exciting time but we realise that everyone needs a little support one way or another. If you're already very confident and are ready for your first driving lesson, just get in touch. We are a team of over 40 instructors who work across Liverpool and because we are such a large team, we can tailor your lessons to your exact requirements. Regardless of what type of car (manual or automatic), whether you would prefer a male or female instructor or if you would prefer evening lessons to day time lessons, just let us know and we will be able to help.

For less confident learner drivers, we are here to help. Each of our instructors has years of experience and will guide you through the basic steps of steering and clutch control, through to advanced driving manoeuvres and on to your driving test.

Start your lessons today

We believe in ensuring that our students pass their tests as soon as possible. What that means is that we do not rush you but rather we continually encourage and challenge you with each lesson. We want you to pass your test but our main aim is to ensure you are a safe, confident and responsible road user.

Liverpool is a great place to learn to drive because of the wide variety of roads and situations that you will experience each time you get in the car. One of the first parts of your tuition is to familiarise yourself with the car and this is best done on a quite road, where your instructor can go through areas that you are not familiar with.

Some people start learning to drive with a member of their family, learning the basics before starting with a driving instructor. Being taught the basics by a family member can be a great way to start your driving adventure however, becareful. We all know of families that have fallen out because loved ones have less patience than a professional driving instructor.

For those that go straight into lessons, you will likely be unfamiliar with the different pedals and gear changing. These are basic but important things that you will need to get right and once learned, a skill that will last you a life time.

Once the basics have been mastered, you will progress on to the more challenging aspects of driving such as moving through traffic, navigating whilst driving and the essential manoeuvre that you will need such as the three point turn and reverse parking.

As you progress, your instructor will keep monitoring your progress and let you know when they think you should book your tests and of course, we can help you with that. Our instructors have years of experience, not just teaching people how to drive but also giving advice on the theory test and which are the best resources to help ensure you retain the required information about speed limits, road signs and traffic law.

If you are ready to book your first driving lesson in Liverpool with us, please get in touch. You can either book online, call us on 0151 2802970 or e-mail us from our contact page.